July 17, 2002
Stinky Feet!

Kids come up with the best insults. "Come and get me stinky feet!" Really, does it get any better than that? I don't think so.

So I've been reading Sophie's World for AP Lang, very slowly because I have to take notes on every one of the many philosophers mentioned in the book. I'm pretty sure by reading the book I'm supposed to feel all philosophical and examine every facet of my life.

Philosophy can be a great thing, but it can also be horrible. I think by examining life too carefully, it's easy to just become an observer and never participate in life. Philosophy can too easily create a state of isolation from the world. Nothing seems worse to me than a person who is in wonder of life, but is never active in it or able to enjoy its best parts.

Plus, I analyze enough. I really don't need to make a career out of it. So Philosophy's not practical to me, not that it's even supposed to be practical. I think it would put a cramp on my life, though, in a very unpleasant way with few benefits.

So flag football didn't used to be so confusing to me. But today I was able to walk through a touch down only because the people on my team were telling me which direction to go. "Go with the ball. Not THAT way, THIS way." In fourth grade I played of my own free will during recess, and was actually pretty good at it. I used to be able to throw a spiral. I'd like to know what happened to me, and yell at the person responsible (I'm having coffee with myself tomorrow morning to discuss the travesty).

At least my lack of frisbee skills can be blamed on the wind.



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