January 18, 2005
Mandy's Sass

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I am going to try to start posting more often. I am generally trying to write more often.

I still subscribe to the theory that my overall well-being suffers greatly when I do not have some kind of creative writing outlet. As much as I promise myself that I will journal and do other creative writing on my own time, I know that the chances of all of this happening increases significantly when I have a class that mandates I write on a regular basis.

(And while it is not a creative outlet, I am greatly looking forward to Sophia’s Sass starting up—www.sophias-sass.com so I can start bitching about news events on a regular basis)

So to fulfill this creative outlet, I am trying to get into an autobiography writing workshop, which is no easy task as a first year. It doesn’t help that I didn’t write like I should have this past semester so my confidence in my voice is next to nil. But I am extremely excited to report that after two rewrites, both accomplished last night, I feel like I submitted a piece that at least demonstrates a lot of potential.

I ended up writing about what I consider to be the turning point in my commitment phobia—essentially, when it began in fifth grade. It comes out as my own little feminist manifesto, though hopefully not too blatantly as I reject taking care of my friend’s Tamagotchi to return to the basketball court with the boys and feel betrayed when my friends try to push me into “settling” into a relationship I don’t want. I like how I pretend that my life is far more sensational and exciting than it really is. The piece still needs a lot of work, but hopefully it demonstrates that I know how to use details and humor to produce a somewhat challenging if not overly compelling narrative overall.

As fun as it has been to be more relaxed at Smith, I think I need to renew some of my intensity and obsession when it comes to my writing, and to my academic work as long as I don’t like myself become a compete wreck over it. I still want to work hard, play hard, but I think I can work a little harder.

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